Benefits of Shakti Drops




Our Body is a wonderful gift given to us by Divine. It is our responsibility to have a detoxified body and mind entwined.

Today most of us are searching for the perfect solution on how to increase immunity. The imbalance diet and lifestyle is one of the main reasons of deteriorating health. But nature has always nurtured us with abundance of solutions to most of our health issues. Ayurveda is one such wonderful gift to us to get benefitted naturally.

Ayurveda has unraveled its mystery to preserve life for a longer time. It offers you a range of numerous herbs that help develop immunity and strength. Amruth, Ashwagandha, Amla, Brahmi, Brigaraj, Satavari, Shakapushpi and Yashtimadhu are a few of the herbs and the 8 natural ingredients gives your life an enhanced living helps in memory booster and an antacid. A combination of these ingredients will give you an immunized system, stress- free mind and Body and an Ever Glowing spark on your face. A person of any age can consume these ingredients. It cures digestion related issues too. It gives a sense of rejuvenation to both body and mind, thus acting as a Rejuvenator. It is one of the deepest secrets of Nature. Taken regularly these herbs have given miraculous results because if a few drops of poison can destroy your body then definitely a few drops of nectar can also rejuvenate it.

What’s more wonderful is a combination of these herbs is offered by Sri Sri Ayurveda’s SHAKTI Drops. This product is a Pure water extract of the above mentioned 8 herbs which are 100% Certified ORGANIC. A very easy to use product has simplified Ayurveda to its best.

Where can you Buy SHAKTI Drops?

Get it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in India. Order it now at


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