Four reasons why Pigeon Peas are good for you

Sri sri Ayurveda Pigeon peas, although the name sounds unusual, play an important role considering its many nutritional values. The pigeon peas (Botanical Name: Cajanus cajan) known by various other names globally (Angola Pea, Gungo Pea, Congo-Pea, Puerto Rico Pea) is a plant species in the legume family of the widely cultivated genus Cajanus Adans. Pigeon peas are one of the most important food legume crops, which grow in the tropical and subtropical climates. It is a drought tolerant and warm weather crop. Today pigeon pea is grown widely throughout the world in tropical and subtropical regions.

The serving size of one cup (measuring 153 grams) provides 43 mg of Vitamin C, 0.536 mg of Vitamin B1, 153 µg of Vitamin B9, 2.4 mg of iron, 0.69 mg of manganese, 181 mg of phosphorus, 29.82 gram of Carbohydrate, and 3.294 mg of Vitamin B3. The pigeon peas are rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and lipids. (Values are indicative and not absolute). Some of the benefits of Pigeon peas are as under


Assists in growth of body:

Pigeon peas are loaded with proteins required for the growth and development. It is essential for the formation of cells, tissues, muscles and bones. It also assists in the healing process and cell regeneration in the body. One cup of cooked pigeon peas possesses 11 grams of protein.


The seeds, leaves and peas of pigeon peas are effective in the treatment of inflammation because of the presence of organic compounds.

Digestive health:

Pigeon peas are rich in dietary fiber, which is essential for maintaining digestive health. Fiber adds bulk to the stool and enhances the bowel movements by reducing the strain as well as inflammation. It reduces the constipation, cramping, bloating and diarrhea. Fiber enhances the efficiency of nutrient absorption.

A better immune system:Pigeon peas are a rich source of Vitamin C (the Vit C content drops by almost 25% in cooked peas as compared to those which are raw). Vitamin C helps stimulate the production of white blood cells and acts as an antioxidant in the body, thus promoting overall wellness and strong immunity.


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