Sri Sri Ayurveda’s Protein Shampoo For Strong Hair

Sri Sri Ayurveda’s Protein Shampoo rich in Proteins, Amoni Acids & Vitamins bring back the health and glow to your hair.


Protein is a natural, nourishing and a vital ingredient for healthy hair. If your hair has become dry, frizzy, brittle, weak, thin, dull or easily breakable then that means your hair needs a lot of nourishment consisting of proteins, amino acids and vitamins to replenish the lost nutrients and vitality.

As far as our hair is concerned, the most important protein is Keratin. Almost 88% of each strand of Human hair is made up of Keratin. Keratin is a protein naturally found in the flat cells of our hairs – it keeps them strong, elastic and healthy. As we age, the amount of keratin in our hair diminishes leaving the hair feeling dry and brittle.

Keratin gives each strand of hair its strength. Amino Acids, being the building blocks of protein are indirectly the basis of strong, healthy hair. Although there are in total 22 Amino Acids which the human body uses to build protein, the following are mnost important for healthy hair – Cystine, Cysteine, Arginine, Taurine, Tyrosine and Methionine.

Arginine – Stimulates Hair growth through the vasodilatory effect of Nitrous Oxide; strengthens hair shaft and stimulates hair follicles

Methionine – Supplies needed Sulphur to the hair for improved appearance and healthy growth

Cysteine – Improves hair strength through contribution of Sulphur  

Cystine – Promotes natural hair growth and strengthens hair shafts with its disulfide bond

Tyrosine – Contributes melanin to the skin and hair; improves general health by reducing the levels of Stress Hormones

Taurine – Provides Sulphur for hair growth and appearance; prevents breakdown of hair follicles

Erratic supply of Amino Acids to the Hair follicle cells decreases the level of keratin production which in turn drastically affects the strength of hair leading to reduced hair growth, discolored hair and hair strands that easily fall off. In addition to being the building blocks of Keratin, Amino Acids also create red blood cells, which deliver Nutrients and Oxygen to hair-producing follicles.



A diet rich in Amino Acids (especially lysine and methionine) increase hair quality and growth. Some examples are cheese, seeds and nuts. It is believed that about 60 grams of protein each day goes a long way in taking care of your hair. To boost your arginine and cysteine intake, add foods such as Almonds, Brazil nuts, Oats, Sunflower Seeds and Wheat Flour to your diet.

Shampoos rich in protein content are made for this very purpose and bring back the healthy growth and glow to your hair. Protein Shampoos not only contain proteins but also vitamins and amino acids that are required for the healthy hair.

Ensure that the protein shampoo you want to use does not have harsh surfactants. There are protein shampoos that remove the naturalness of your hair. Hence take care not to use a protein shampoo that has such harsh surfactants.


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