Benefits of Kasahari Cough Syrup

Sri Sri Ayurveda Cough Syrup is an effective herbal formulation that contains natural herbs. These herbs are effective broncho relaxants, expectorants, respiratory demulcents and anti-tussive. Sri Sri Ayurveda Cough Syrup provides quick relief from both dry cough and allergic cough accompanied with phlegm.

Coughing is a response of the human body to remove substances that will be irritating to the air passages. Coughing indicates the normal functioning of a healthy body trying to eliminate unnecessary substances like mucus, irritants, foreign bodies and microbes, but there are occasions when this can cause disruption in other normal and everyday functions like eating, breathing and constant irregular coughing may even keep you awake at nights, leading to fatigue.


The act of a cough can be broken into 3 components:

– The first act of breathing in

– A forced act of exhaling while the glottis (part of the larynx consisting of the vocal cords) is closed.

– The final release of air, which happens after the glottis opens.

Coughing can be a voluntary as well as involuntary response and can be short lived, but a persisting cough is associated with a few other ailments. It is initiated by mucous which flows down the throat. A cough that produces phlegm or other fluids may be a symptom of sinusitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia or bronchitis.

If cough is caused by the environmental factors, it will only increase with more exposure to such factors, for eg. An allergy to pollen will cause severe cough when exposed to pollen. If a person suffers from smokers cough, it can be reduced by stopping the act of smoking or exposing to smoke from other smokers, while some types of cough can be plain chronic, like asthma, bronchitis etc.


Expectorants are useful when there is a productive cough (cough with fluids). Expectorants facilitate the coughing up of mucous when repeated attempts to do so prove futile.

Supressants, as the named suggests are used to suppress the cough and are usually used to counter the painful effects of a dry cough, when each time you cough, there is a pain in the inner lining of the throat.




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