How Shakti Drops helps increase immunity

Sri Sri Ayurveda’s SHAKTI DROPS is one of the simplest forms of Immunity booster. It has 8 highly effective Herbs – Amla, Ashwagandha, Bringaraj, Brahmi, Amruth, Shankapushpi, Satavari & Yashtimadhu.


Ayurveda has a disease preventive and health promotive approach, which takes into contemplation the whole body, mind and spirit for upkeep of health. There has been a surplus of research on the plants used as Rasayana drugs in order to rationalize them in the modern context.

Ojas – a state of equilibrium of the Kapha and UdanaVatadoshas lends immunity to our body. The essence of immunity is rooted in the Ayurvedic system of medicine much before 600 BC. Described as ‘Vyadhikshamatwam’ in CharakaSamhitha, immunity is the ability of the body to overcome existing diseases (Vyadhibalavirodhitvam) as well as resist and prevent as yet unmanifested diseases (Vyadhiutpadhapratibandhakatvam)

The 2 factors of prime importance to Immunity are:

  1. Vyadhikshamathvam (Resistance to diseases)
  2. Bala (Strength)


It is commonly observed that certain persons do not develop a disease even after coming into contact with the relevant etiological factors, while others become victims of the disease. The reason is that when the resistive power of the body is sufficiently strong it destroys the causes.

Bala: is attainable from three sources:

Constitutional strength (SahajaBala):

The temporal strength, related to time(KalajaBala):

Acquired strength (YuktikruthaBala):

Sri Sri Ayurveda SHAKTI Drops is one such proprietary product, which helps improve the overall immunity of the individual. SHAKTI Drops is a pure water Extract of eight 100% Certified Organic Herbs. These herbs are selected by a team of Ayurveda doctors to make an easy to use product in their daily routine for everyone. Just add 5-6 Drops in one cup of water and have twice daily.

The herbs and their properties as per Ayurveda:

  1. Ashwagandha – Improved immune power and resistance to diseases.
  2. Amruth – Improved immune power and further improves body’s defense mechanism.
  3. Satavari – Improves intellect and body’s defence mechanism.
  4. Brahmi – Strengthens body tissues, promotes intellect and postpones early aging process.
  5. Shankapushpi – Promotes intellect, rejuvenates, controls emotions like anxiety & depression, improves sleep, strength and stamina.
  6. Bringaraj – Improved immune power.
  7. Amalaki – Rejuvenates and gives strength to sense organs.
  8. Yashtimadhu – Nutritive and rejuvenative.

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