Benefits of Multimillet Flour

Sri Sri Products’ Multimillet Flour

Sri Sri Products’ Multimillet Flour combines the goodness of Finger millet, Foxtail millet and Little Millet – to give you a healthy meal with a host of nutrients. The Multi-millet flour is one of the most easily digestible grains with an alkalizing effect on the body.



Millets are a staple diet in many parts of India, especially in the Northern regions and those at higher altitudes which see lower temperatures for most part of the year but are not restricted to such areas.

Millet serves as an excellent alternative for a low carb, simple sugar and fiber rich diet as it has a low glycemic index and produces lower blood sugar levels than wheat or rice when digested.

It is a rich source for serotonin which is a feel good chemical and is also a very rich source of Magnesium and Vitamin B3 (Niacin), the latter being very effective in lowering of cholesterol levels. Millet is a wonderful gluten free food choice and is also an excellent source of protein – containing 10-15% of protein.

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