Why is Cow’s Pure Ghee good for you?


“Sri Sri Ayurveda Cow’s Pure Ghee” is rich in savour and texture, this Cow’s Pure Ghee is made using cow’s pure milk in the most hygienic and safe conditions to ensure its quality and purity. It has been used for good health and healing since millenia with itsrich nutrient content and innumerous benefits.


“Sri Sri Ayurveda Cow’s Pure Ghee” is a stable fat for cooking as it has a very high smoke point. Ghee has stable saturated bonds and so is a lot less likely to form harmful free radicals when cooking. The short chain fatty acids in Ghee are also metabolized very readily by the body.

It is good for treatment of burns. According to Ayurveda,  Ghee promotes learning and increased memory retention.It is also good for nerves and brain. It helps control eye pressure and is beneficial to glaucoma patients. Ghee is most notably said to stimulate the secretion of stomach acids to help with digestion, while other fats, such as butter and oils, slow down the digestive process and can sit heavy in the stomach.

Ghee is rich in K2 and CLA (Conjugate Linoleic acid) which acts as an antioxidant with antiviral properties and it inhibits the growth of breast cancer. Moreover, Ghee is rich in medium chain fatty acids which gets absorbed directly into the liver and burned as energy.

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