Why you should use Brown Sugar?

Sri Sri Products’Organic Brown sugar is considered one of the purest forms of sugar which contains mollases (which imparts the brown colour to sugar) and is rich in minerals. The fact that Brown Sugar is less processed is an added advantage as each step of processing exposes it to more chemicals. This subtle but vital diference makes brown sugar attractive to people who want to rebalance their diet, get healthy and gain some of its many benefits.


Brown Sugar has several health benefits:

Brown sugar contains between 3% to 7% molasses as it is naturally moist. Brown sugar particles are in most cases less granulated than white sugar particles. Raw or brown sugar is beneficial as it contains various properties in organic form, properties that are easily absorbed by the body. Consumption of brown sugar has been established to improve blood circulation, enhance digestion and increase the production of blood cells as it is rich in calcium, iron, potassium.

Brown sugar has been used for decades as remedy for colds. Brown sugar has always been added into boiling water with slices of ginger, which is then consumed to treat both cold symptoms and constipation. In many instances, brown sugar is used in place of natural honey. Brown sugar reduces swelling on the skin, hydrates the skin, increases cell regeneration and protects cells from damage caused by free radicals.

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