7 reasons why Organic Split Bengal Gram is good for you!

“Sri Sri Products’ Organic Bengal Gram”, also known Chana Dal, is consumed in all regions across India. These are the tiny chickpeas which have been split and polished into a smooth form. This Organic Chana Dal is highly nutritious, has a rich flavour and aroma and gets digested easily.


Benefits ofSri Sri Products’ Organic Bengal Gram:

  • Sri Sri Products’ Organic Bengal Gram is manufactured under hygienic conditions which is loaded with fibre, this is an effective natural aid for weight loss. These fibres keep you full for longer, thus controlling your appetite.
  • This Organic Chana Dal is rich in protein and hence helps in proper weight management.
  • Chana Dal is also a good source of minerals like manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and thiamine. Manganese increases your energy levels and also boosts your overall immunity.
  • Chana Dal regulates the flow of glucose into the bloodstream and hence maintains blood sugar levels.
  • Chana Dal is extremely rich in iron and hence helps in preventing anaemia.
  • Magnesium and folate content in Chana Dal strengthens the blood vessels and lower the bad cholesterol level. Regular consumption of chana dal reduces the risk of cardiac complications.
  • High fibre and high iron content found in Chana Dal reduce the risk of bowel complications like constipation.

Click here for more details: http://bit.ly/2iqhSBZ


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